Well Baby Exam

  • Includes check boxes for advice on Nutrition, Safety, Important Issues and Developmental Milestones.
  • Simply click checked boxes and / or write in text boxes
  • View historical Well Baby Exams


Immunization Record System

  • Keep track of Immunization Records in most easy way.
  • Software provides easy display of record on screen and
  • Prints Immunization records at click of a button


Electronic Growth Charts

  • Following growth charts are included in software. You do not have to manually keep track of these charts and no need to manually plot readings

Infants: Birth to 36 months

  •  Weight-for-age
  •  Length-for-age
  •  Weight-for-length
  •  Head circumference-for-age

Children and Adolescents: 2 to 20 years

  • Weight-for-age
  • Stature-for-age
  • Body mass index-for-age